Ron's Biography
Civic leader/lawyer/executive with extensive experience in finding creative solutions to problems of clients, civic organizations and charitable non-profits. Recognized for being able to positively impact public policy decisions in Texas and local communities.


RonKesslerGroup LLC

The focus of the RonKesslerGroup is value-based leadership. Unless you are deeply rooted in values and in truth, you will never be the authentic leader you are called to be. That is why the symbol of the RonKesslerGroup is a tree. A tree has a root system below ground as elaborate as the limbs and branches that are visible. The health, growth, and fruit a tree produces is only as good as its roots. A strong leader is no different. If you make decisions based upon your values, you will positively impact your workplace, your community, and your home.

There is a leadership crisis in our nation and world.

Ron Kessler

Leadership cannot be taught: It must be learned.

Gene Wilkes

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