Leadership coaching maximizes your personal and vocational potential. It is a relational process where you are encouraged to excel in your strengths, flourish in your giftedness, and live out your unique role at work, home and wherever you are called to serve. For more than 35 years, I have had extensive experience in finding creative solutions to problems of businesses, civic organizations and governmental agencies. My role as a facilitator in this process is characterized by: discovering, listening, encouraging, guiding, and serving leaders to help them optimize their personal and organizational outcomes. As a Leadership Coach, my passion is to serve good people striving for excellence so that they can make the most of the leadership strengths they already possess.

In order to visualize what a Leadership Coach can do for you, ask yourself if your enterprise would be improved through a better process and follow-through for any of the following: setting direction; gaining commitment; creating alignment; facing adaptive challenges; improving team effectiveness; succession planning; strategic planning; time management or conflict resolution. By focusing on your values and strengths, we can scope a personal development program that takes you to your next level of leadership.

As your Leadership Coach, my commitment is to work with you through the crises, conflicts, and changes in your personal life and in the life of your enterprise. Great leaders are not born; they become leaders by a paradoxical mix of two things: the need brought about by crisis, challenge or opportunity (external factors), and their ability to be bold, humble and to persevere (internal factors). My role as your Leadership Coach is to serve you in the application of your internal strengths to the external challenges facing you and your enterprise. I will guide you in the application of leadership styles and competencies to real issues you face.

The process begins by you saying: “I want to take personal responsibility to become the leader I am called to be,” or “I do not want to be in this same situation, dealing with these same problems, next month.” If there is crisis, conflict or change in your life, if there is an emerging opportunity on the horizon or if you want to go to your next level as a leader, I would like to hear from you. There are no “silver bullets,” but there is a customized process available to you. I call it Leadership Coaching.

Ron Kessler

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