Am I coachable?

What are my qualities of leadership?

What experiences have been vital to my development?

What have been the turning points in my life?

What role has failure played in my life?

How do I learn?

Who are the people in my life whom I particularly admire?

Is my organization encouraging or stifling leaders?

What is my worldview?

What will my legacy be?

Developing as leaders is about asking the right questions. In a knowledge-based economy, the leader is frequently asking more questions than providing answers. Keep asking yourself these questions. Ask these questions of others. The day I started asking myself and others (at breakfast or lunch or on the phone) purposeful questions was the day I began to transform my life. Remember, we will never have all the answers and old answers may not work forever, but good questions lead to discovery. Donít ever let anyone take your questions away!

Ron Kessler

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