Value-based Leadership
What is the most important ingredient to a successful enterprise? Surprisingly, it’s not money or intellectual property. How many promising enterprises fall apart due to deficiency in leadership skills? Because leadership skill levels frequently cap the ability of an enterprise to grow and prosper, leadership coaching can make a significant difference in your ability to maximize your personal and vocational potential. Leadership capital is more relevant to the success or failure of an enterprise than financial or knowledge capital.

Leadership coaching is a relational process where you are encouraged to excel in your strengths, flourish in your giftedness, and live out your unique role at work, home and wherever you are called to serve. For more than 35 years, I have had extensive experience in finding creative solutions to problems of clients, civic organizations and governmental agencies. My role as a facilitator in the leadership coaching process is characterized by: discovering, listening, encouraging, guiding, and serving leaders to help them optimize their personal and organizational outcomes. As a Leadership Coach, my passion is to serve good people striving for excellence so that they can make the most of the leadership strengths they already possess.

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We live in an entrepreneurial economy. Entrepreneurial growth companies are the most significant and dependable source of new jobs for regional economies. However, with their focus on financial capital solutions (e.g., investing public funds in jobs growth through tax breaks, loan programs, etc.), regional economic leaders throughout the U.S. have frequently ignored an effective method for investing in entrepreneurial growth. What they have not figured out is that knowledge capital and leadership capital must be developed before financial capital can be effective. Governments, universities and businesses can effectively invest in collaborative programs that deliver knowledge and leadership capital to entrepreneurs. Connecting the “dots” in a regional economic development collaboration utilizes strategies that focus on the following:

I. Attributes of a Strong Regional Economy:

A major training, teaching and research university.
A collaborative process of accessing well-trained and retrainable workers that includes a pipeline of K-12, community college and private university graduates.
The region is making intelligent investments in infrastructure such as telecommunications, transportation, utilities and water.
The region is positively positioned for cost of living issues and for quality of life issues that are associated with social equity, diversity and openness.
A can-do, collaborative attitude coupled with leadership skills of its people.

II. Regional Capitalism:
Knowledge Capital
Physical Capital
Human Capital
Leadership Capital
Social Capital
Financial Capitol

III. Success Factors:

Think like a region … in order to act like one.
A threat/challenge
Sustained leadership
An entity that owns/holds accountable/provides leadership for the long-term regional process

IV. Entrepreneurism:

Implement a “grow your own” entrepreneurial strategy for the region that encompasses both existing businesses and new enterprise formation.
V. University-based:
Develop comprehensive strategies to transfer university-developed innovations and discoveries to the private sector for further development and commercialization.
Develop a university-based, regional entrepreneurial education program.


Since 1979 Ron Kessler has been serving individuals, corporations and trade associations in positively impacting public policy decisions in Texas and local communities. Listening to the needs of clients and utilizing relationships developed over three decades, he has demonstrated the ability to encourage and motivate others, innovate and lead successful strategies and to find workable legislative solutions to business needs that enhance the business climate in Texas.

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