Identify Your Values

Values are foundational beliefs that anchor our lives, the things that matter to us the most, the non-negotiable characteristics that best describe who we are.

Our questionnaire will help you discover where and what your values are.

Contact us for more information or to receive a copy of the questionnaire.


Only a life rooted in real and lasting values is successful.

Dr. Ron Jenson

We have the solutions to your needs

In the face of a leadership crisis in our economy, the RonKesslerGroup provides a portfolio of solutions built upon processes that are value-based and value-added. We address immediate needs while constructing long-term solutions that create and enhance the value of people and organizations. By focusing on the direct link between value-based leadership and profitability, we help our clients to maximize performance within the safe harbor of an organizationís core values and principles that are legal, moral and ethical. Principally, we offer the following services:

Executive and leadership coaching
Entrepreneurial and regional economic development collaboration
Legislative and public policy consulting

We offer our services through custom-built teams, drawing from the wealth of talented and experienced leaders to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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