In keeping with the RonKesslerGroup philosophy that wisdom is never in isolation, the process of the Wisdom Cluster© was developed and tested. It provides “just in time” input to issues of change, crisis or conflict in your enterprise. It is also an excellent tool for an annual enterprise check up. Here’s how it works:

The Wisdom Cluster© exists to serve those seeking to take their enterprise to the next level. This is accomplished by providing an open-minded, non-judgmental environment that encourages listening, collaboration and creativity. The goal is to build on ideas shared by others to produce extraordinary performance and results. By leveraging the experience and expertise of others, we are able to see beyond what we already know, eliminating blind spots and constraints on what is possible. The outcome is the application of wisdom to real needs. The outcome is transformation.

  • The RonKesslerGroup working with the Enterprise Leader will designate 4-5 Wisdom Leaders to serve on the Wisdom Cluster©, giving special emphasis to those who have special expertise needed by the enterprise.

  • Following a brief introduction of Enterprise and Wisdom Leaders, the Facilitator will explain the ground rules for the Wisdom Cluster©.

  • The Enterprise Leader presents an Executive Summary of his/her enterprise, along with three key issues to be considered by the Wisdom Leaders.

  • Time is spent in exchange and collaboration that challenges conventional thinking; introducing best practices, new ideas and creative suggestions and goes beyond what the Enterprise Leader may already know.

  • The process encourages the Enterprise Leader to break through conventional performance practices and find creative solutions and ideas to benefit his/her enterprise.

  • As a part of the Wisdom Cluster© each participant will have the opportunity to contact other participants for follow-up questions, points of clarification, or additional contacts.

  • All parties execute a Participation Agreement to protect confidential information.


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